Climate-Controlled Self-Service Auto Repair Shop in Snohomish County

When it comes time for auto repair, you can take your car or truck to a shop to be worked on by trained technicians using professional equipment, or you can work on it yourself in your own garage with your own tools. The first is expensive with lack of control over what work is done, while the second can be a real pain if you don’t have a shop and the right tools. What’s a vehicle owner with good DIY mechanical skills to do?

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Self-Service Auto Repair

Don’t despair – U Lift N’ Fix Garage provides the best of both worlds! Do it yourself and save on expensive mechanic bills while using the same professional facilities, tools and equipment professional mechanics do. When you rent a service bay in our climate-controlled self-service auto repair shop, we’ll provide everything you need – including technical advice – for one all-inclusive bay rental fee.

How It Works

How does it work? Just use the scheduling calendar on our website to reserve one of our heated service bays, then bring your vehicle in a few minutes before that day and time. Come by yourself or bring a friend to help (there’s no difference in cost) get your service or repair done. Our bay rental includes access to any tool or piece of equipment you might need, and any expert advice you might want.

Variety of Options

3 bays with 2-post lifts (wheels hanging)

2 bays with 4-post lifts (drive-on ramps)

1 bay with a
motorcycle lift

Save BIG!

With the increasing cost of vehicle maintenance and repair, doing the work yourself saves on expensive mechanic time. And we’ve all seen repair shops try to upsell services that may not really be needed, so working on your vehicles yourself ensures only necessary work is done. You also save when you buy your own parts, as repair shops charge a very significant mark-up on the parts they sell.

Expert Advice

Even the best home mechanics need a little help now and then. If you come across something you’re unsure of during your auto repair, the technicians at U Lift N’ Fix Garage are there to provide expert advice and technical knowledge. Their experience will help make sure your service or repair is done correctly, and ensure you’re using the right tools and equipment every step of the way.

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Need a Self-Service Auto Repair Shop in Snohomish County?

If you’re in need of a self-service auto repair shop with professional tools and support, U Lift N’ Fix Garage is ready to help. With six service bays and all the tools, equipment and technical help you need to get the job done right, let us help you save money and enjoy the satisfaction of doing it yourself. Take a look at our FAQs page, then contact us or book a bay today!

Fully-Equipped Self-Service Auto Repair Shop in Snohomish County

Serving Everett, Mukilteo, Lake Stevens, Lynnwood, Marysville & Mill Creek

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